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Cloud Journals is a web application that facilitates continuous professional development. It takes into account the requirements for professional accreditation, registration and a whole-of-organisation collaborative learning culture to streamline professional accreditation. For more information, go to the home page.

This Help Centre provides information on how to use the Cloud Journals web app. Whether you want to appraise yourself against industry standards, keep track of your professional learning development or plan your goals, this guide will show you how to effectively use Cloud Journals to its full potential. Admin tools are also covered here.

How to use the Help Centre

Whether you want to learn everything about Cloud Journals or simply how to set goals, this Help Centre has it all. The documentation is separated by the main menu functions of the app and delves into detail about the features of each.

If you want a full understanding of Cloud Journals, we recommend starting here (at the beginning) and working your way through the documentation using the navigation menu to the left to move around. If you only want to know about a specific Cloud Journals feature, simply select the relevant item in the navigation menu to the left.