Create an Entry

Once you have navigated through the tree-structure of the journal to the section that you would like to respond to, you will see a page that looks similar to the below image. You will make your journal entries and responses in the forms according to the appraisal formats and text boxes created by your organisation.

If you have invited Collaborators / Contributors, they will provide feedback in your journal in a similar way. Read more about receiving feedback. You can also attach files, learning logs, url's and notes as supporting evidence or response reference material. Read more about attaching supporting documentation.

Types of Journal Responses

Once you've navigated to a form in your journal, there are two ways to start adding content:


The first type of journal response is an appraisal, where you measure yourself against a standard set out by your organisation or industry.

The Journal will prescribe how your performance is to be measured. e.g. via:

  • A Multiple Choice appraisal , which allows you to pick only one item from the set of prescribed criteria.

  • A Rating Scale appraisal , which allows you to pick from a range of values by using a slider. There are often constraints with rating scale appraisals which restrict you to enter a certain set of values, for example: having all values add up to 100. If the constraints are not met, you will not be able to save the appraisal. You will get a message if something is missing or if the values do not add up to the required amount.

Text Responses

A Text Response is simply a written statement made in a provided text box as your response to a standard or question.

Manage an Entry


To create or edit an earlier self- appraisal or text response use the Add button next to the appropriate standard. A dialog box will appear; enter your response, then click Save.


To edit an appraisal or text response you have previously created, open the context menu and click the Edit button. This will bring up the dialog box where you can make your changes, then click Save.


To delete an appraisal or text response, click Delete. A prompt asking whether you are sure you would like to delete will appear; confirm it to delete or cancel to keep it.

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