Roles & Permissions

Roles & Permissions

Within a relationship, the Contributor and their Beneficiary perform a particular Role. The relationship is defined by the roles each performs, and therefore the level of access the Contributor gains to the Beneficiary's content. There are four different relationships that exist in Cloud Journals and they are the following:


By inviting a user to contribute as a Peer, the Beneficiary is giving the Contributor access to view their self-appraisals, reflections and evidence. The Contributor can provide feedback to parts of their specified Journal, Learning Log or Plan, if they have given them permission.


View only your Beneficiary's Plan and provide feedback.


View your Beneficiary's journal and provide feedback and appraisals within levels set for Supervisors within that Journal Template, Learning Log or Plan, according to the permissions they have given you.


View and provide feedback and appraisals to levels allowed by industry or organisation certifiers and as applied within the Template for the specific Journal that you have been invited to access. Assessors also get access to the Learning Log.

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