Navigating the App


When you first log in, you will see the Dashboard (shown below). This is where we keep you up to date with Cloud Reviews 360 news, issues, bug fixes and features. You can also access any of your favourite journals and helpful quick links. The dashboard is continuously being updated to include additional Cloud Reviews 360 features, so keep an eye out for any new changes.

The Main Menu

The Main Menu button lies in the top left corner. It allows you to navigate to any part of the app, from any screen, at any time.

All the menu options and how to use them will be explained in detail throughout this guide. Below is a quick overview of each:

  • Identity bar - The currently logged in user. To the right is the logout button. Clicking on your image is a shortcut to your settings.

  • Appraisals - (Formerly called Journals in the menu) Your journals based on templates on offer by your organisation.

  • Learning Log - Your log of professional development experiences.

  • Plan - A place for you to set goals, plan how to achieve them and track your progress.

  • Resume - Your hub to manage your online professional portfolio. You can add or change personal details, achievements, experiences and generate a CV from this information.

  • Files - The File Manager for all the files you have uploaded.

  • Notes - Want to write down a quick thought or experience? This is the place to write them down, which you can attach to journals, learning logs or goals later.

  • Collaborate - Your hub to contribute to other users' content and manage your relationships.

  • Settings - Here you can manage your account details, including your account email address and engagements.

Moving Around

Navigation buttons remain the same throughout app pages to help ease of navigation.

To go further into sections or continue to the next page, use the Enter button . This will normally appear to the right of the screen or particular section, as if to turn a page.

To retrace your path and move to a previous page, use the Back button . This will always appear at the top left of the screen.

To view more options for a particular section, use the Context Menu button. Clicking this button opens more options and actions in a drop-down list.

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