Notes are a great way of remembering thoughts, experiences and observations. Here you can scribble down anything. Notes can also be linked to Categories in the Journal (visible to you only), as explained here.

My Notes

This is where you see a list of all the notes you have created.

To view a note in detail, simply click on it in the list.

Create a Note

To create a new note, click the Add Note button at the bottom of the screen. A modal will pop up with a name and text field. A name is required, but the note can be empty. Once you've entered your thoughts, simply click Save.

A Note in Detail

Here you can see a selected note in detail.

Edit a Note

While viewing a note, open the context menu then click Edit.

A pop-up will appear where you can edit your note. Make your changes, then click Save.

Delete a Note

While viewing a log entry, open the context menu and click Delete. A confirmation dialog will appear. If you are sure you want to delete this entry, click Delete, otherwise Cancel. You will be taken back to your list of log entries.

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