My Beneficiaries

You can find and manage the relationships with your Beneficiaries by navigating through the main menu to Collaborate. The My Beneficiaries section, next to the My Contributors section, will appear to the left of the screen and lists the relationships where you perform a Contributor Role to other users, known as your Beneficiaries.

You may have been invited to contribute within one or more Roles. If you are unsure of what your role means, go here.

New Invitations

If someone has invited you to be their Contributor in a particular Role, there are two places where this invitation will be visible; on the Cloud Journals App or via your nominated email. They are explained separately below:

  • Cloud Journals App: invitations to contribute will appear in the My Beneficiaries sections located in

    Collaborate. The invitation will state the role you will be taking on for your Beneficiary at the top. To Accept or Decline the invitation by open the context menu to the right of the invitation box, then click on your decision.

  • Email Invitation: You will also receive an email invitation via your email account which you use to log into the Cloud Journals App. Once you follow the link presented in the email, you will automatically be taken to Cloud Journals and prompted to log in to administer your choice.

Accepting or Declining Invitations

Accepting an invitation to become a user's Contributor will add them to your Beneficiary list. Note that you may not immediately see their content; they will first be required to grant you further access to specific content they wish for you to contribute to.

Declining an invitation will prevent you from gaining access to the sender's content and will void the invitation email. If you later find you need to contribute to that user's content, they must send you a new invitation in order to grant you access.

Read more in the Invitations section.

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