Goals are the centrepiece for personal development and your future. In Cloud Reviews 360 you can outline your Goals, set due dates for them and outline Tasks to be completed to achieve them.

Create a Goal

To create a new Goal, click either the Add button at the top right of the screen page or click the New Goal button at the bottom of the screen. A modal will appear with fields to fill out; all fields are required. Once you've entered your Goal and selected a due date, click Save.

Manage a Goal

Once you have created a Goal, a Goal card will appear in the Goals Tab giving you a quick overview of how you are tracking. A progress bar indicates how far you are from completing all Tasks associated with that Goal. You can further manage the Goal by using the context menu (the three dots) from where you can edit, archive or delete the Goal.


From the Goal context menu, click Edit. You will see fields filled out with your information. Make your changes, then click Save.

Mark as Complete

There are two ways in which you can mark a Goal as completed:

  • Using the Context Menu - click on the context menu, then Mark Complete. With this method you are able to mark any Goal as complete, regardless of whether all Tasks associated with that Goal have been completed.

  • Using the Goal Card Button - once all Tasks associated with a Goal are completed, a Mark as Complete button will automatically appear under the Goal Card as shown in the example image above.

Completed Goals will sit in the Completed Goals section underneath current Goals and above Archived Goals.

Archive Goals

From the Goal context menu, click Archive and confirm the dialog.

When you archive a Goal, no-one will be able to edit or add content to it. It will be moved below your active Goals and become read-only.

Delete Goals

From the Goal context menu, click Delete and confirm the dialog. All Tasks for this Goal will be deleted with it. Deleted Goals cannot be undone.

View a Goal

To view a Goal in more detail, click the Enter button to the right of the Goal. All the information for the Goal will be shown, including its Tasks in order of priority.

Comments Tab

On the Goal Details screen, there is a tab named Comments. This tab displays all the comments that have been made by you and your authorised collaborators on this particular Goal. Comments are covered in detail in the next section. This allows you to invite trusted people to coach and assist you in achievement of this Goal using a 'chat' approach. Chats are time and date stamped.

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