Attachments are a way of providing supporting evidence to your journal responses by linking files, learning logs, URLs and notes. It can be reached by clicking on the attachment tab below your responses on the form screen, as shown below.


Practically any file type can be uploaded and linked to a form.

To link a file, Click the Attachments 'paperclip', choose the attachment type and follow the dialogue. You can search for files you have already uploaded to Cloud Reviews 360 or upload new files from your device or computer and you can add Goals, Learning Log entries, Notes or URL's.

You can link multiple files by ticking all the files you want to link and unticking any files you want to unlink. Click Save to confirm your changes.

Depending on your internet connection capability and the file size, uploading can take some time. Uploading a file places it in your File Manager. When you unlink the file from this form, it will NOT be deleted. The file remains available anywhere else it is linked.

Linked files are visible only to authorised contributors. Read more on this here.

Linking Learning Logs

To link a learning log to a journal entry, click the attachments' paperclip icon and then click Link Learning Logs. A list of existing learning logs will appear, as shown in the image below.

You can link multiple log entries by ticking all the ones you want to link and unticking any log entries you want to unlink. Click Save to confirm your changes.

If no learning logs appear in your list, you have no saved learning logs, but you may create a new Learning Log entry from here. It will appear in your Learning Log and can be Linked to this and other Journal elements. Learning log entries are visible only to contributors that you have authorised to access your Learning Log. Read more on this here.


To link Notes, click the attachments' paperclip icon, then click the Notes tab. A dialogue box will appear where you have the option to search for saved Notes or create a new Note.

You can link multiple notes by ticking all the ones you want to link or untick any Notes you no longer want linked to this part of your Journal. Click Save to confirm your changes.

Unlinking Notes does not delete them from your Notes sections. Linked notes are visible only to you; no-one else, including your contributors, can see them.

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