Contribute to a Journal

Contributing to a Journal is very similar to working on your own Journal. But instead of appraising or commenting about your own performance, you do so about the Beneficiary's. When you first reach a Form, you'll see a screen like the following image.

Details Tab

The Details Tab shows all the appraisals and text values the Journal Owner has created. Note that you can only see the Journal Owner's content. Any content from other contributors are not visible to you (and vice versa).

Attachments Tab

As with your own Journal, the Attachments tab shows any Files and Learning Logs the Journal Owner has attached. You can only access attached Learning Logs if the Journal Owner has granted you access to their Learning Log. If you're wondering about Notes, you cannot see them because they are strictly private to the Journal Owner.

Feedback Tab

The Feedback Tab is where you get to manage your contributions to this particular Form. What and how you can contribute is dictated by your Journal Authorisation and the Template this Journal is based upon.

Creating appraisals and text values work in the same way as with your own Journal, as outlined in the [Form Details][Form Details] chapter of the Journals part of this Guide.

[Form Details]: /journals/form/ "Form Details"

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