The image below shows your personal File Manager. Here you can manage all the files you have uploaded. These files are kept completely private unless you invite authorised users to view them via your Journals or Goals.

This service is NOT a private cloud storage service. We recommend you always keep a copy of your files. As such, File size is currently restricted to 10MB.

Uploading a File

To upload a new File directly into the File Manager, click Upload File at the bottom of the screen. Choosing your file will upload it to our secure servers. Note that uploading can take some time, depending on your internet connection speeds and the File size. Once the upload is finished, the file will appear in the Files list. Files are currently restricted to a maximum size of 10MB.

Managing a File

Open, Rename or Delete a file via the context menu.

Opening the file will either prompt a download or open the file in the browser. This depends on the file format and the device being used. For example, if the file is a PDF and you are using Chrome, the PDF will be opened in a new tab. Conversely, if the file is a Word document, the file will be downloaded to your device. Please ensure you set your browser to allow pop-ups from our site, otherwise this feature may not work correctly.

Renaming a File will simply change its display name.

Deleting a File will remove it from our servers, as well as unlink it from any place you have previously linked it (Journal, Learning Log, Plan, Profile). We recommend you always keep a copy of your files. This service is NOT a cloud storage service.

How do I find an uploaded File

You can search for specific uploaded files by typing any part of the file name or file extension in the Search field.

What went wrong?

In rare cases, you might come across a file with a danger icon. This occurs if the file is corrupt. There are many reasons this could be, such as a failed or interrupted upload process. Clicking on the icon will explain this and prompt you to delete the corrupted file. We recommend you always keep a copy of your files.

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