My Contributors

The My Contributors Tab deals directly with Relationships which grant other users access to your content. Here you manage who can see your Journals, Learning Log and Plan.

Invite a Contributor

To have someone contribute to your content, you first need to invite them. You can invite contributors to carry out one of the following Roles:

  • Peer or mentor - View your self appraisals, reflections and evidence. Provide feedback to parts of your specified Journal, Learning Log or Plan.

  • Coach - View only your Plan and provide you with feedback.

The following Roles must be allocated to you by your Organisation's Administrator:

  • Supervisor - View your Journal and provide feedback and appraisals within levels set for Supervisors within that Journal Template, your Learning Log or Plan according to the permissions that you have set.

  • Accreditor or Assessor - View, provide feedback and appraisals to levels allowed by Industry or Organisation Certifiers and as applied within the Template for the specific Journal, Learning Log or Plan that you have invited them to access.

Click the add button in the top right corner or the Invite Contributor button at the bottom of the screen. Enter the email address and select the Role you want them to play. If the recipient already has a Cloud Journals account, we recommend you use the email address they use to log in to their account. When you click Send Invitation, an email invitation will be sent asking the recipient to assume the designated Role. If they accept, they will appear in your list of Contributors. You can then manage their permissions, as outlined in the [Contributor Permissions][Contributor Permissions] chapter.

Sent Invitations

If you have sent Relationship invitations, they will be listed at the top of the Sent Invitations screen (seen in the image at the top of this page). It shows whom you have invited, the Role you requested them to take and when the invitation expires. The recipient has until the expiry date to Accept (or Decline) your invitation.

If you no longer want to extend the invitation to them, you can click the delete button to the right of the invitation, then confirm the dialog. This will NOT delete the email that was sent to them (we have no control over already-sent emails), but will make that email void. The recipient will no longer be able to Accept your invitation. (We recommend you speak to them and let them know that they have been 'uninvited'.)

[Contributor Permissions]: /contribute/ "Contributor Permissions"

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