Getting Started

When you first visit this tool, there may or may not be Templates already listed. Since this is an Admin tool, any Templates listed here are also accessible by other Admins in your Organisation. They will see any changes you make, and vice versa.

Create a Template

To get started, click New Template at the bottom of the screen. A modal will appear; enter the Template name and an optional description. Click Save. Your new empty Template will appear in the list.

Manage Template

You can manage an existing Template by clicking on its more button (three dots) to the right of the target Template. A menu will appear.

Edit Template

Click Edit Details to bring up an editing modal. Make your changes, then click Save.

Publish/Unpublish Template

Publishing is explained in detail here.

Delete Template

Clicking Delete will show a confirmation dialog. If you are certain you want to delete the Template, click Delete, otherwise Cancel. Keep in mind that any content under this Template will also be deleted. Also, being an Admin tool, other Admins will also no longer be able to access this Template.

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