Whether you are a Contributor or Full Access User, collaborating is an integral part of performance standard review and personal development. By constructively contributing to other users' Journals, Learning Logs or Plan, you provide them with the knowledge to further develop themselves.

Collaborating in Cloud Journals is split into two parts:

  • Beneficiaries are people you contribute and provide feedback to. You can only see content they have given you access to.

  • Contributors are people who contribute and provide feedback to you. They can only see what you give them access to.

Both are covered in detail in the next few sections.


Relationships are connections you have to other users. They are unidirectional; if you have access to someone's content, they don't necessarily have access to yours (and vice versa). In a relationship, each of you perform a Role. For example, if you are a Contributor to someone else's content in the role as their Supervisor, your counterpart or Beneficiary is known as the Supervisee. Different relationships allow different levels of access or permissions to a user's content. These permissions are covered in the next section.

What is a Contributor?

A Contributor is any user who has been granted access by another user to their content, whether at a read-only capacity or greater. Contributors can take on various Roles for their Beneficiaries with certain permissions that define their relationship. This is further explained in Roles & Permissions.

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