Template Purpose - Example

Template purpose Gather information about staff’s perception of the skills they would like to develop as part of next year’s professional learning program. • Why are we gathering the information? So that we have input from all staff Who will use the information, and how important is it to the Journal Owner? Head of Professional Learning and Development will use the collated results in devising a draft and final Professional development program. Staff will use it to reflect on their learning needs for use in setting goals for their personal professional development plan, which each staff member is required to update annually. What specific information is most useful to the Journal Owner and other users?

For Journal Owners: Specific skills or professional learning subjects specified within the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Skill or topic needs required to meet the School Development Plan goals for the coming year.

For Head of PL & D Same as above

Can the Journal Owner 'enter information once, but use it many times'? Information can be collated by Head of PL & D and used by individuals. Template can be utilized in subsequent terms or years with a comparison drawn by Journal Owners between previous and currently identified needs. What is the minimum amount of information required to meet my purpose and minimise the time needed to fill in the template? An ability to tick boxes to rate perceived need against a list of possible subjects/topics Text boxes for items additional to the list to be added and rated. What is the life of the information? Will I want people to respond more than once? Information life is limited to current staff and the next Professional Learning Plan. Could be reused in subsequent years, but may need list upgrading. Is there a simpler way to get the information? e.g Could some simple questions be asked of people in a staff meeting? _Survey monkey might be used, but that won’t link with people’s other professional learning reflections and plan goals. Staff meeting will take a significant amount of time and will require an additional recording mechanism.

Can I get the information from an existing source? Maybe from individuals’ Annual Professional Review sessions. But once filled in, this template could also be used to inform these sessions and also coaching sessions.

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