The Plan is where you describe your Goals in detail and create a sequence of time scheduled Tasks to achieve them. To start setting Goals use the main menu located to the left of your screen and click on Plan.

Goals Tab

The Goals Tab is the default tab you see when first opening the Plan. Here you can create Goals and allocate numerous Tasks to be completed by chosen dates so that each Goal is achieved. All Goals and Tasks are time-bound and colour coded as to whether they are overdue, approaching their due date or completed.


Goals and Tasks are priority ordered according to the due dates that you set for them. Tasks are shown by date in groups arranged in the following order:

  1. Overdue by...(Red)

  2. Due in...(Orange)

  3. Starts in...(Blue)

  4. Completed...(Green)

Archived Goals

As with Journals, all Archived goals are listed below your active Goals in the Goals Tab. You may Archive Goals if they have been completed or are if they are no longer relevant. Archiving a Goal removes it from your list of active goals but keeps it as 'read-only' (for record permanency). You can traverse through archived Goals as you normally would, but you can't edit them or add new content.

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