Learning Log

The Learning Log is your one-stop-shop to record and manage your professional development experiences. This is where you see a list of all the log entries you have made.

You can filter them by year, using the buttons at the top of the Learning Log Manager screen. Click on From and To, then select the year range. The list will automatically update to show you the relevant log entries within that period.

Create a Log Entry

To create a new log entry, click the Add button at the top right of the screen. A dialog box will appear with fields to fill out. Only the Activity Name and Commenced date is required; the rest are optional fields. Some organisations log hours, others give points for activities. You can choose either, both, or none by checking the appropriate boxes. Once your information is entered, click Save.

Manage a Log Entry

You can manage log entries via its context menu located to the right of each log entry. From the context menu, you can Link Files , Edit or Delete the log entry. To learn more about linking files, head here.


From the log entry context menu, click Edit . You will see fields filled out with the log entry's information. Make your changes, then click Save.


From the log entry context menu , click Delete . A prompt will appear asking whether you would like to cancel or delete. Choose delete to remove the log entry from your Learning Log Manager permanently. When you choose to delete the log entry, any linked files will be unlinked and still be accessible via the File Manager.

Searching for a Log Entry

After you have created numerous log entries it can be difficult to remember in what time frame or year it was completed. Use the search bar at the top of the screen to find particular log entries via their title or content. You don't have to type in the entire log entry title, the search function is smart enough to show all log entries that have that particular search term in its title or content.

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