Tasks are the steps you need to take to get closer to your Goal. The Task list for a particular Goal can be seen, as shown below, when you view a Goal in detail by clicking on it.

Tasks are ordered according to their priority (determined by the due dates you set for them).

Create a Task

To create a new Task, click the Add Task button at the bottom of the tasks card while viewing a Goal in detail. A modal will appear with fields to fill out; all fields are required. Once you've entered your Task details, click Save.

Manage a Task

Whether you are viewing the Task from within the Goal itself or via the Progress tab located in the Plan section, you can use the context menu to the right of the Task to edit, delete, mark it as (in)complete or link files.


From the Task context menu , click Edit. . You will see fields filled out with your information. Make your changes, then click Save.

Mark Complete / Incomplete

From the Task context menu, click the Context Menu Mark Complete or Mark Incomplete to change the Task's status. The Task will be moved to the relevant Priority list within its associated Goal.


From the Task context menu, click Delete and confirm the dialogue. Please note this cannot be undone.

View a Task

To view a Task in detail, click the drop down button to the right of the Task. This can be done anywhere a Task is listed, including in Progress and the [Goal view] [View Goal].

[View Goal]: /plan/goals.md#view-goal "View Goal"

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