Generate Document

You can generate a document from all the information you have entered in your Profile. To do this, click the Export button at the bottom of the screen (shown above). A modal will open where you can select exactly what you want to include.

Go through the list by clicking on an item; another modal will appear with a list of relevant entries you have made. Simply tick the ones you want to include, then click Select. You will be taken back a screen where there will be a blue box with a number representing the number of entries you have selected (as shown in the image above).

Once you have selected everything you want to include, click Open Web Version. A new tab will open showing all the information you have selected in a basic but neat format, ready for you to use. You can simply select at all, copy the information and paste it where you want to use it.

Note: This is NOT a résumé generation system. It simply collates your information, ready for you to edit and make into a masterpiece for potential employment.

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